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Types of chirping birds

Chirping birds that can be contested

Greetings chirping for brothers / sisters who love chirping birds in this article I will write
Some chirping birds that can be competed, the chirping varies.
Whatever chirping birds I mean I will write them down one by one;
STONE magpie bird
This native Indonesian bird, there are several types and the most popular
Is a stone magpie Medan and Borneo.
This bird has a long tail that can be up to 20 cm
Brownish orange on the chest and belly and black on the
head, back and tail.

Green cucak / magpie leaves are many endemic birds native to Indonesia
Found on the islands of Java and Sumatra.
The color of this bird is green almost all over the body and only on the head to the black beak.

This bird is also a native Indonesian bird that we can find on the islands of Java and Bali.
The color on his body is almost all brick red.

A screaming sound with spread wings makes this bird often
Glossy black and white is the color scheme of this bird.
A good bird to be contested is one that has a wide beak,
Thick and big .
The big round bird’s eyes are a sign that the bird has a strong mentality.
Lovebirds are one of the birds that often participate in competitions
Lovebirds can be entered in two competitions. The competitions that lovebirds can participate in are the long-suffering competition and the beauty competition.
This bird is not native to Indonesia but comes from Africa.
Birds that have large eyes and have sharp eyes and long beaks.
Although the appearance is less beautiful. But make no mistake because this bird is one of the birds that is fairly chatty and has a lot of voice stuffing.
Birds that have a small body size are not to be underestimated,
Because this bird has a loud and melodious voice, as well as the appearance of a bird that has a white circular color in the area of ​​​​the feathers around the eyes that looks like glasses.
This bird is also often contested.
This honey-sucking bird can also be contested because this little bird has a unique voice.
This bird that comes from the Netherlands, if you look at it, looks like an endemic bird of Indonesia
The long, melodious voice that makes this bird is often contested, this bird also has a beautiful feather color.
That’s my notification about the chirping birds participating in the contest. There are still other chirping birds that I haven’t written about yet. Hopefully it will be useful.

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